• Nikayla Skolits

Selah's 6 Month Milk Bath Shoot

My cousin, Chantelle, had a baby girl a couple of months after our Amelia was born. Her name is Selah. Several weeks before Selah was born, Chantelle and her husband found out that Selah had Down Syndrome. It was completely unexpected but began a beautiful journey for their family. It has been such a privilege to watch them process, learn and celebrate their daughter amidst the unknowns. Their perspective has encouraged and challenged me.

Chantelle has become a huge advocate for those with Down Syndrome and for other mama's raising babies with Down syndrome all the while raising her sweet Selah girl along with her older son, Ethan. So when Chantelle reached out to me several weeks ago to plan a shoot for Selah, we knew it wasn't going to be just an ordinary shoot. She wanted something that was going to celebrate the 6 months of life Selah has had, the hard work she has done in all of her therapies to stay on track developmentally, the precious gift that her life is and all that will come for sweet girl's future.

Chantelle sent me some pictures of her inspiration and vision and we set out to make it come to life. I cannot tell you how much we laughed as we tried to balance Selah to keep her from going under and snap pictures while water splashed everywhere, mama got soaked, a 3 year old ran around and the dog simply tried to take a nap. Milk baths. They are all the rage on Pinterest and Instagram these days and understandably. They are beautiful and whimsical but I tell you what, pulling one off is quite a feat. ;)

A few tips if you are trying to create a milk bath shoot; keep it simple! It really doesn't take much to get the aesthetic. We used warm water with a splash of milk, one orange, one lemon and bouquet of flowers. Obviously, it's completely possible to do with a little one that can't sit up on their own yet, you just need mama there to support the baby the whole time, but I would recommend waiting until they can sit up on their own. Use towels underneath the little one to keep them from slipping or stick a bumbo seat straight in your sink, (or tub, whatever you are putting baby in), and then cover it with water. Most of all, have fun! Don't worry about the mess, just make some memories. They'll be sure to make you smile down the road! :)

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