• Nikayla Skolits

Savannah's Senior Shoot

It's not often that I do shoots with only one person. Whether family shoots or weddings, a lot of my photography surrounds multiple people and their interactions. So every so often when a senior shoot comes up or head shots happen, it's a fun challenge to draw a person out and see what we can capture.

Disclaimer: for this shoot, Savannah needed zero drawing out, she was a natural in front of the camera which surprised me honestly. She is shy in person and a bit more subdued (at least around me), but blew me away when we started shooting. We had such a blast playing with the different backgrounds, poses and venues. Girlfriend knows how to work it.

Tips for a senior shoot- get creative with the venue and use several different ones if your client is up for it! This is a fun way to highlight your client's personality and keep the shoot interesting. I think the backdrop for a shoot can sometimes be overlooked, but if used properly, it can really add to a shoot and take the end product up by several notches.

Outfits are another great way to work with your client and bring flares of personality out. Make sure to encourage clients to wear things that they are comfortable in and feel like themselves in.

If it doesn't feel like them

and if they don't feel comfortable in their skin because of what they are

wearing, good chance it will come through in the pictures. Lastly, I will probably say this for every shoot, but have fun with it. If you are able to relax and get into it, your client will as well. They are going to reflect whatever vibes you are putting out there, so it's your job to help them relax and enjoy themselves! You got this! Now go get some great pics!

Locations we used:

Cumberland Park, Nashville, TN

Murals in Berry Hill, Nashville, TN

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