• Nikayla Skolits

Harlan's 1 Year Cake Smash

I got the privilege of photographing this sweet boy just weeks after he was born. Here we are a year later, and doing a cake smash for his 1st birthday. Isn't that just the way time works? The days can be long but the years just fly by and the next thing we know, we blinked.

It can be bittersweet, but it's one of my favorite things about photography. It's being able to tangibly see growth over time. It's jumping into families' lives and helping create special memories for the milestones. It's the getting messy, (quite literally this day!) and capturing the real. Even though it's only a snapshot, it represents the messes over the past year. The messes to come and how absolutely worth it every single one is for the honor of raising a precious life.

Tips for a cake smash - Although a single cupcake tends to be less messy, an extra large one or a small cake make for better pictures :). Harlan's mom found the perfect size mini cake at Publix for this shoot. $10 and didn't need to be pre-ordered! I'm a bit weird and would rather have the mess directly on the floors rather than ruin the aesthetic with a towel or blanket, but that's just me and a quirk I have. A cute blanket or towel could easily be put under the kiddo though and make clean up a bit quicker and simplified. Cheer on your little one and encourage them as they start to play with the cake! Mom, you can even get in there and help give him/her a taste to get it started and let them know it's ok to eat and play with. Lastly, bring a change of clothes and wipes, you'll be glad you did! ;)

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