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Hank's 3 Year Mud & Monster Truck Shoot

I was so excited when Hank's mom came to me with this idea of mud for Hank's 3rd birthday photoshoot. One, because I knew I would be catching this little man right in his element and most often, that's where you capture the joy, (proof above ;) ) Second, because this is really the essence of what I want my photography business to be. It's capturing the authenticity of a season of life. Hank isn't wearing button ups and ties yet and he won't always be playing with monster trucks in mud in creek beds, but thats where he is today. And so that's what we capture.

These kind of shoots are so fun as you don't need to force anything. You just encourage play and then capture it along the way!

His mom was great, encouraging him to load up his trucks with mud and adventure into the water.

Parents can be so great in these kind of shoots as they just add another layer of feeling normal when capturing a kiddo. That was definitely the case this day!

Oh and we can't forget the worm that was found while digging in the dirt!

Tips for birthday shoots for kiddos - pick something that brings your child a lot of joy in their season of life. It can be anything; playing outside, baking, crafting, legos, dancing, sports, etc. Pick a location based on their current hobby, if you feel comfortable with it, let them help pick it out. Let them pick their outfit out for the shoot. Again, the goal is to capture your kiddo in their season of life, so anyway you can incorporate that, do it! You will be so glad you did because when you look back, you won't only have the pictures but you will have all these details that really made up your child in that time of life.

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