• Nikayla Skolits

Youmans Lifestyle Newborn Shoot

One of my favorite things is capturing people in their own spaces. They are comfortable, the pressure is off, and you can really get the essence of a person or family in this setting. You can more easily catch dynamics and day to day routines. In short, you can see and reflect the beauty of people's everyday lives.

Homes are sacred places. Life is lived there; the highs the lows as well as the mundane and the ordinary. Families are built in homes. Memories are built in homes. The future is built in homes. It's an amazing thought when you stop and think about it. So what an incredible gift to be invited into such a sacred space to take pictures of the intimate relationships that are built there.

Some tips for lifestyle shoots- make sure you know what rooms the family is comfortable with you shooting in and which ones they would prefer you to stay out of. Pick the spaces that have the best natural light. Encourage the family to interact how they would if you weren't there; have parents read kiddos stories, have siblings give hugs/kisses or wrestle, have parents watch their kiddos and play with them. As they do these things, everyone loosens up and you capture the really sweet and candid moments of each family.

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